An essential medicine

Heparin is used in healthcare around the world to prevent blood from clotting. Featured on the World Health Organization's ‘List of Essential Medicines’ – a list of medications considered vital to any basic health system – heparin has the highest negative charge density of any known biological molecule. An addition to its anticoagulant function, it is also used to form an inner anticoagulant surface on various experimental and medical devices, such as test tubes and renal dialysis machines. Our sister company Hepac produces crude heparin from porcine mucosa and also processes the heparin by-products (peptones).

A trusted pharma supplier

Hepac is a leading producer of high-quality, traceable crude porcine heparin. Excellent access to quality European mucosa, reliable and modern production processes and stringent quality control make Hepac a trusted partner for international pharma customers. With sourcing from renowned European abattoirs, we have a healthy spread in suppliers of raw materials. This steady flow ensures that we can deliver as promised, making us an independent, reliable partner.

Traceable to farm level

Our raw materials are sourced directly from abattoirs where we are seamlessly integrated in the slaughtering process. This close cooperation results in maximum traceability of our raw materials. The origin of Hepac’s crude procine heparin can be traced back to farm level. Our strict hygiene protocols ensure a product free of any contamination. We work in full compliance with HACCP, ISO, and under certification of the Dutch Food authority (VWA).

For more information on heparin, please visit the Hepac website.