Solve all your animal feed formulation questions at once

As a professional in animal feed formulation you know the questions involved in getting the right feed ingredients. So do we.

Benefit from unequalled phosphorus availability and the market’s best price per unit

One of many outcomes of our intensive R&D in animal nutrition and animal feed ingredients is Sonac’s calcium phosphate solution for non-ruminants, Delfos. 

The perfect blend of nutritional value, digestibility, animal welfare, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, Delfos offers you an optimized solution with solid R&D backing by a leading animal feed ingredients supplier. Thanks to its unequalled phosphorus availability, Sonac’s calcium phosphate solution gives you by far the best price per unit of available phosphor on the market. 

If you’re trying to figure out how to optimize cost and quality in one and the same formulation, Delfos is your answer.

Keep in step with the latest animal nutrition science

Partnering with Sonac is a sure way of staying in touch with the latest knowledge and data on animal nutrition. Our frequent scientific publications and collaboration with leading research institutes, such as France’s INRA and the Netherlands’ WUR, place us at the forefront of feed ingredients development. With optimized products like Delfos, you will always be in the loop on the latest research regarding vital topics like animal feed ingredients, bioavailability and sustainable agriculture.

Enter into a win-win partnership

We actively pursue lasting, win-win partnerships with customers. We want to help you tackle your formulation puzzles, while you feed your knowledge and experience back into our scientific endeavors. Merging scientific expertise with hands-on animal farming means building relationships, sharing knowledge and costs, co-developing solutions. We’re eager.

  • Hands-on animal farming practice
  • Animal nutrition science
  • Cost-effective