The futureproof calcium phosphate solution

In the feed industry, sustainability has become a business discipline that is vital to our future. Your buyers and partners expect you to act on that conviction – and you can. With Sonac, you benefit from game-changing ingredients backed by a world-class player.

A renewable resource that adds value to the food chain

With our calcium phosphate feed supplement, Delfos, you can optimize feed costs and quality, while also improving your environmental performance. Delfos is a spinoff of the production of gelatin by our sister company Rousselot, the world’s leading gelatin brand. We retrieve our ingredients from otherwise unusable food grade animal materials. This makes Delfos a renewable resource with few contaminants that adds value to the food chain. With Delfos, you have a natural, futureproof feed solution.

Clear origins, predictable supplies

We develop Delfos at our own plants in Europe. This means that with Delfos you have complete clarity about origins, consistency and performance, as well as the assurance of guaranteed availability and steady, predictable supplies.

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A global partner with world-class resources and leverage

On top of optimized, sustainable ingredients, today’s competitive, globalized animal nutrition market requires you to have the right allies. Partners who share your values and have the resources and leverage to deliver consistently and expertly, regardless of conditions and locations. Sonac offers you that. As a part of Darling Ingredients, a global leader in renewable food, feed and fuel solutions, we’re a trusted partner to many international producers. 

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