Poultry feed

  • Complete range of animal fats with accurate data on optimal usage in your feed solution
  • Animal fats are a major energy source and indispensable for good poultry feed
  • Animal fats are the most sustainable fat source available
  • Poultry oils have a nice fatty acid pattern ideal for an optimal poultry feed: high in linoleic acid
  • Animal proteins are concentrated and highly digestible
  • Reduced wet litter risk due to low K (potassium) content
  • Prevent wet litter
  • Important for the feed intake stimulation of young broilers
  • Pro-Bind Plus solution can be used as a concentrated, nutritional binder
  • Calcium and phosphorous are essential for fast broiler growth and egg shell quality (layers)
  • Sonac's Delfos and Calfos are highly available, safe and sustainable phosphorous sources
  • For newly hatched broilers Sonac has several special products available: Mucopro (an optimal amino acid source) and Proglobulin (helps to improve gut health)

To read up on our poultry feed solutions, please download any of the leaflets below.

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Proglobulin for Poultry

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