Reliable ingredients industrial markets

Sonac processes raw material of animal origin into valuable and essential ingredients like fats and specialties for various industrial and technical applications. Keywords for Sonac ingredients are:

• Natural
• Recyclable
• Sustainable

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Technical Gelatin

  • Sonac’s Technical Gelatin is an excellent ingredient for natural adhesives and also for the paper industry, as it is 100% recyclable. Our organic glues will help you to contribute to environmental sustainability. Technical Gelatin is also an essential ingredient for optimizing the copper electrolysis process, as it contributes to a homogeneous structure on the cathode. 
  • Plaster-Bind Plus is a binding and retarding agent, specially developed for wall and ceiling plasters. Dry blended with other plaster ingredients, this fine powder makes the perfect plaster mix. 
  • Sonac bone ash, produced according to strict customer specifications, is used for the world’s most exclusive fine bone china. 
  • Our Bone Ash MC was especially developed for the non-ferrous metals casting industry as a coating and release agent. It doubles the working life of launders, moulds and equipment.

Animal fats

  • Sonac animal fats are an excellent ingredient for the production of rolling oils, as their technical characteristics make them highly versatile. 
  • They are also a valuable ingredient for the oleochemical industry and for the production of bioenergy.