You cannot navigate today’s complex pet food industry alone

In today’s globalized, networked and highly transparent pet food market, getting the right product or ingredient is just not enough. As a pet food manufacturer you operate across a broad and highly varied landscape of opportunities and demands. From the nutritional and functional properties of your products to formulation and efficiency requirements. From traceability and sustainability trends to innovation. From changes in consumer behavior and trade politics to local differences in legislation.

We do first-class ingredients – but our real drive is to help you succeed

We understand this. While producing first-class pet food ingredients is at the heart of what we do, we believe our real business is creating solutions that will prosper your business. Through our comprehensive product portfolio, superlative service and forward-looking expertise. A partnership with Darling Ingredients means transcending mere product value and rising to absolute mastery in your market. We call it our offer of Exceeding Values.

Delivering on our offer of Exceeding Values

In order to make sure we can deliver on this offer, we work hard across many disciplines – and we will keep doing so. From R&D to sustainability, from certification and inspection to logistics and technical support. This broad vision and dedication means our organization can offer you a comprehensive whole of Exceeding Values that reaches far beyond the sum of its parts.