Dicalcium phosphate can match monocalcium phosphates

Contrary to popular belief, dicalcium phosphate (DCPs) can match monocalcium phosphate (MCPs) in terms of phosphorus content, digestibility and bio-availability. Delfos is evidence of this. 

Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) images reveal visually what scientific studies substantiate: Delfos has an unusually accessible structure that appears conducive to its outstanding digestibility. 

Check our page on digestibility or discover the facts about phosphorus content and dosage by downloading our whitepaper.

A strong contributor to animal welfare and health

Overall, Delfos is a strong contributor to animal health. It supports bone development and prevents issues such as growth stagnation, loss of appetite and molting or feather/hair loss. Dicalcium phosphate is a great alternative. 

Integrating performance and welfare in animal nutrition

Drawing from top-class, food grade facilities, our processes integrate animal performance and welfare as much as our products do. As experts in sustainable agriculture and animal nutrition, we offer you the assurance that by feeding your non-ruminants Delfos, you are actively contributing to the wellbeing of animals and the planet we share.

The best price per unit of available phosphorus

As a feed nutritionist, you know that many supposedly cheap products have high hidden costs, for example, due to functionality or bioavailability issues. Because of its unrivalled phosphorus availability, Sonac’s Delfos comes at the best price per unit of available phosphor on the market – up to 40% lower than comparable supplements for non-ruminants. 

With Delfos, you benefit from top performance at the lowest price.

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  • Delfos can match monocalcium phosphates in terms of phosphorus content
  • Microscopic images highlight Delfos unusually accessible structure
  • Strong contributor to animal health