Aqua feed

Aqua feed manufacturers can count on Sonac for a complete range of proteins and animal fats with accurate data regarding optimal usage in your feed solution: Hemoglobine powder, blood meal, poultry meal and hydrolyzed feather meal.
The fatty acid profile of poultry oil is particularly interesting for this market. The most sustainable fat source available today, animal fats are a major energy source and indispensable for commercial aqua feed. 

  • Our proteins are processed to reach high digestibility levels
  • Our Hemoglobine powder and blood meals are excellent alternatives for fish meal
  • Our specialized gelatin-based pellet binders, such as Pro-Bind Plus, offer you a nutritional, natural and low-inclusion binder for your aqua feeds 
  • We also produce fully hydrolyzed mucosa protein, and hydrolyzed porcine protein (Gelko) ideal attractants in juvenile aqua feeds in general, and shrimp feeds in particular

To read up on our aqua feed solutions, please download any of the leaflets below.

Aqua feed market


Hydrolyzed feather meal in aqua feed

Processed animal proteins for shrimp feed


Hemoglobin Powder in Aqua Feed

Process.animal proteins for fish feed

Muco Pro

Pro Bind Plus

Hydrol.animal proteins for shrimp feed

Poultry oil

Spray-dried plasma protein