Natural sustainable ingredients for safe and tasty food

Proteins, minerals, fats and other specialty ingredients are an indispensable part of today’s food. At Sonac, we process raw materials of animal origin into valuable food ingredients. Our natural, safe, tasty and sustainable ingredients are among world’s best to improve the quality and yield of food products.

✓ Allergen, GMO, E-number free 

✓ Sustainable production

✓ Innovative food ingredients

Find out for which food ingredient fits your solution

Protein in meat

If you manufacture meat products, our natural functional proteins offer unique benefits. They are ideal for water binding or for quality and yield improvement. We provide natural, functional proteins of porcine, bovine and poultry origin -even Halal-certified if required. Read in this page how our protein in meat could improve your food product.

Fats in food

We humans have been eating fats for millennia, satisfying our bodily need for essential nutrients. Like many other specialty ingredients, fats are an indispensable part of today’s food – and of our health and wellbeing. Our fats are a natural and beneficial part of a balanced diet, supplying energy, vitamins A, D, E and K. Fats support our nerves, brain, skin and hormones.

Natural casings

Our sausage casings are natural, tasty and world famous. Thanks to our careful selection and accurate processing, our natural casings are the most appropriate casings for your sausages. They are also excellent for smoking and cooking purposes. With natural casings, sausages feel best. 

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