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Bakery ingredients for different bakery products

As a manufacturer of bakery products – from bread & pastries to cakes & cookies – you need to get your formulation right. Sonac can provide you the right bakery ingredients with consistently high-standard edible fats as well as the technical support you need to give your products the quality, functionality and appeal you and your customers demand.

  • Lard’s soft consistency and crystalline structure lends itself for bakery & breads products. It is also the most suitable fat on the market for shortening pastry. Read more on the website of Laru.
  • Tallow is commonly used for the production of Yorkshire pudding. 

How to improve quality & essential nutrients for bakery products? Download our leaflet!

Why download this leaflet?

✓ Explanation with which ingredients we can improve your bakery product
✓ Benefits per solution summed up
✓ Specified per type of fat the amount of maximum FFA, maximum peroxide & specific benefits of our products
✓ A product range which varies from non-refined lard, tallow and chicken fat
✓ Our ingredients for bakery products are natural, safe, sustainable and cost effective