Nutritional ingredients of animal origin have been shown to offer the highest digestibility and are the most biologically appropriate for carnivorous animals like dogs and cats.

Our protein meals can be customized to your specific needs to achieve an optimal nutritional profile. Our fats, a natural and beneficial part of a balanced diet, are a source of natural vitamins and are highly palatable. They are also necessary for the proper health and functionality of brain, skin, hormones and nerves and for a stable energy supply. Animal origin minerals have a high availability of calcium and phosphorus and provide the most sustainable solution for these vital ingredients on the market.

ProductCrude ProteinIn vitro digestibilitySpecific characteristicsOrigin
Poultry meat meal    65%    > 87%uniform blend of precisely processed poultry meat-products, low blogenic amines contentpoultry
Poultry meat bone meal    50%80%homogenous powder of processed poultry by-productspoultry
Feather meal85%70%hydrolyzed keratin protein derived from processed chicken and turkey featherpoultry
Kerapro85%    80%highly digestible hydrolyzed keratin protein derived from carefully processed chicken and turkey featherspoultry
Turkey meal60%    85%homogenous powder of processed turkey meat by-productsturkey
Blood meal       90%    90%nutritious powder made of blood collected from certified slaughter housespoultry, porcine or mix
Pork meal   50% / 60% / 63%  85% / 90% / 90%  homogenous powder of processed porcine meat by-products    porcine
Gelko68%99%hydrolyzed procine protein obtained by processing porcine bonesporcine
Greaves meal85%> 90%nutritious and palatable powder derived from food-grade adipose tisseporcine, bovine or porcine and bovine mix
Meat meal50%87%uniform powder of processed meat by-products: highly palatable source of protein & energyporcine and bovine mix
Beef meal    55%85%homogenous powder made of meat by-productsbovine
FatsMax FFAMax peroxide (meq/kg)Specific characteristicsOrigin
Poultry fat1% / 5% / 10%6chicken and turkey fatpoultry
Pork fat1% / 2% / 5%3/6porcine fatporcine
Lard1% / 2%3/6porcine fatporcine
Tallow1% / 2% 3/6bovine fatbovine
MineralsCrude proteinCA / PSpecific characteristicsOrigin
Delfos-23% / 17%dicalcium phosphatebovine
Calfos10%32% / 14%tricalcium phosphate, hydroxyapatiteporcine


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