Techno-functional properties

Region:America, Europe, Asia, Australia
Function:Binder, Palatability Enhancer
Origin:Beef, Pork, Lamb



  • Provides efficient binding
  • High protein content
  • Highly palatable and digestible
  • Clean label ingredient

The techno-functional properties of Plasma Powder are provided by their high level of albumins, which make up to 60% of its total protein. When plasma albumins are heated, the denaturation is faster than aggregation (figure 8). This allows the unfolded proteins to arrange themselves and form an irreversible, homogeneous, very elastic and stable gel.

Plasma Powder is a highly palatable protein concentrate designed to add value to pet food formulations. Plasma Powder helps to increase the quality of each formula by ensuring uniform desired texture, increasing the protein content and palatability of chunks and pate. It thickens the gravy and also aids binding in extrudates.


How does Plasma Powder perform in wet pet food?

Plasma Powder is characterized by its high-gelling and emulsifying properties that help to achieve the desired texture of wet pet food. In this science update the functionality of Plasma Powder in pate, chunks and gravy. It explains how Plasma Powder aids the uniformity of the product and improves the resistance of wet pet food to heat treatment.

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How does Plasma Powder perform in extruded dry pet food?

Plasma is an efficient and nutritious binder and can be used to enhance the nutritional value of pet food in grain-free and starch-limited formulas. In our science update we recently conducted an extrusion trial where starch sources were partially replaced with Plasma Powder in a grain-free dog food recipe. The trial demonstrated the influence on the process and on the physical and chemical kibble characteristics. It proves that Plasma Powder is a valuable ingredient for premium pet food formulas.

To learn more about this trial, request the full report.