Good ingredients make pets healthier, owners happier and business better

People all around the world love their pets and want to give them the best possible care. As a pet food manufacturer your job is to deliver the help those owners need in order to give their animals a proper, nutritious diet. Good ingredients can help make pets healthier, owners happier and business better. That way, the goodness spreads.

With our ingredients, we deliver on the promise of healthier, happier pets in different ways.

Whether fresh, frozen or in meal form, our ingredients offer the best possible quality. This is because of our strict and highly efficient processing methods, which reduce processing time to the minimum. And the faster you process the raw materials, the better the quality. Another factor contributing to good quality is that we rigorously separate bovine, porcine and fish materials, so you always know exactly what kind of ingredient you’re getting when.

Our fat, protein and mineral ingredients are natural, safe and healthy. They offer outstanding nutritional profiles in terms of amino acids – they’re rich in most essential amino acids – fatty acids, calcium and phosphorus. Their protein contents are high. We also develop customized ingredients for improving specific health aspects of pets, such as joint or digestive disorders, bone health or growth issues. 

Pets don’t study ingredients, processing methods or nutritional profiles, but they know a great flavor when they’re served one. Our ingredients are selected for excellent taste, helping animals eat well. It’s one more way of delivering on the promise of healthier, happier pets.

The more palatable and digestible their food is, the better pets will eat. This is why palatability and digestibility rank high on your priority list and ours. With us, you have access to highly palatable and digestible ingredients as well as to palatability and digestibility enhancers. Plasma proteins, for example, improve the palatability of diets, reducing both cost and environmental impact. Just like you, we want our ingredients to be consistently strong contributors to animal health.

With us, you can be sure you’ll find the right solution for every pet you want to cater to. That’s because we offer the broadest product portfolio in the entire pet food industry. In addition to that, we are keen on customizing to your specifications. Our global reach and in-depth expertise in developing premium feed ingredients means we can deliver that one customized specialty solution you’re looking for.

As a manufacturer, you look for ingredients and services that add value. Ours do exactly that. On top of providing pets with great food, our ingredients contain natural anti-oxidants, help remove foreign bodies, increase protein uptake and help reduce ash content.