Knowledge is opportunity – let’s share it

We realize that helping your business means knowing ours. From the chemistry of fats, proteins and minerals to the intricacies of European legislation, or the latest trends among pet owners, we invest substantially in developing, testing, upgrading and sharing knowledge. The knowledge we have, we convert into solutions. Knowledge is opportunity and we’re eager to share it with you.

We can help you acquire, apply and multiply knowledge

With our roots dating back to the late 19th century, we have evolved from a small rendering company into the world’s leading innovative developer and producer of sustainable organic ingredients, including pet food. And with that development comes both a large amount of very specific knowledge – and a strong capacity for knowledge application and multiplication.

As a global expert in animal nutrition solutions, we are on intimate terms with what is natural, healthy and sustainable for animals and the planet. Much of our research and development (R&D) centers on raising pet life quality in terms of health and nutrition. Our scientists are among the world’s leading experts on the technical, (bio-)functional and nutritional properties of pet food ingredients. As a leading producer of proteins, fats and minerals, we are proud of our role in ensuring global feed safety.

Our long history in producing quality livestock feed and aqua feed ingredients has given us an edge in producing premium natural ingredients for pet food. We know production and you can benefit. Many customers, for example, outsource specific production steps to us: grinding, screening, metal detection, foreign body removal, mixing and more.

With production facilities on four continents and customers all around the world, we know our markets. We’re familiar with local legislation and trends, supply and demand fluctuations, consumer preferences. In a language you understand, we deliver what you need for the context in which you need it.

With the broadest product and service portfolio in the global pet food industry, we understand differentiation and customization. We tailor our products to the special requirements of high-end markets and local needs. Whether through custom blending or other means, we can customize products to your specific wishes, too – always making sure they meet your exact specifications. 

Working together is not just good for business – it’s also a knowledge multiplier. We engage in many co-development initiatives, for example, with products like Chipro, a specialty ingredient for dry pet food, snacks and treats based on super premium chicken meal-base, and Kerapro, a premium, highly digestible hydrolyzed feather protein for dry pet food. Other co-development initiatives include low-carbon footprint beef meal and meals with natural anti-oxidants. We have many joint projects with large pet food producers aimed at adding specific value to their solutions. If you have valuable knowledge, or need it – connect with Darling Ingredients.