Solutions designed to help you reach your goals

Are you looking for ways to improve your sustainability? One of the benefits of partnering with Sonac is that our wide range of solutions will get you closer to your sustainability goals.

Using Sonac feed ingredients means:

  • Repurposing and adding value to waste products,
  • Contributing to circular production,
  • Maximizing local sourcing and
  • Reducing land use

Here’s how our solutions for feed will improve your performance

Traditional resources are depleting and the demand for sustainable ingredients is growing around the world. In the feed industry, sustainability has become a business discipline that is vital to our future – and your buyers and partners expect you to act on that conviction. With Sonac, you can. Here are numerous ways in which our feed ingredients can help you improve your sustainability performance.

Utilize by-products

Sonac feed ingredients are derived from valuable animal by-products that do not compete with use in human foods and would otherwise not be used.

Benefit from bio-conversion

Our application of bio-conversion – taking raw materials that would otherwise be considered ‘waste’ and transforming them into quality ingredients – improves the use and value of these animal by-products.

Contribute to circular production

Benefit from Sonac’s re-use of proteins and fats and put in place a vital building block for circular production systems.

Boost local sourcing

Thanks to our global presence, our raw materials are processed locally and made available locally: using Sonac feed means minimizing transport.

Reduce land use

Using animal fats and proteins is one more way of reducing the need for fats and oils derived from land-intensive vegetable sources. Did you know that the emissions related to land use and land use change (so-called LULUC) are higher for vegetable fats and oils than for our animal alternatives? Fats and oils from vegetable sources, such as sunflower, rapeseed, palm and soy, require relatively large tracts of land, which is causing large-scale deforestation in South America and Southeast Asia. Animal fats and proteins reduce the need for vegetable materials and are already available as a by-product – ready to be turned into innovative, high-quality ingredients.

Sustainability has become a business discipline that is vital to our future. Your buyers and partners expect you to act on that conviction.

With Sonac, you can.

Teaming up with Sonac is a step towards a more sustainable industry

Teaming up with Sonac is in itself a step towards a more sustainable feed industry. To us at Sonac, showing respect for the environment is not an optional extra: it is a core value and an essential part of our business. Sustainability runs through everything we do. It’s fundamental to our unique residuals-to-resources concept and our innovative application of animal by-products.

We use environment-friendly production processes

Sustainability is also interwoven with our production processes, all of which are designed for minimized environmental impact and maximum ecological value. For example:

- We extract and clean the air from our buildings and production processes;
- The water released during our processes is purified in biological wastewater purification plants;
- The energy we need for production comes largely from sustainable biofuels.

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