Sonac feed ingredients make sense: Economically and ecologically

In today's competitive and demanding feed market, maximizing production efficiency is of vital importance to any business that wants to survive economically. More than that, efficient production methods are a crucial part of protecting our environment and preserving earth's natural resources. With Sonac's feed ingredients, you tap into solutions that are smart economically and ecologically.

Our gelatins combine functionality with high nutritional value

Also, our gelatin varieties facilitate the production of difficult-to-produce high-density diets for animals. Many animal proteins have excellent functionalities, such as binding, lubricating and colouring. Thus they combine vital functionalities with high nutritional value.

Pro-Bind Plus, a natural, highly nutritional binder for aqua feed

For example, Pro-Bind Plus, our gelatin-based binder for aqua feed, is a natural alternative to synthetic – and largely non-nutritional – binders. Binding is especially challenging in aqua feed, as the fact that aquaculture species are fed under water has important consequences on feed engineering. Derived from non-ruminant gelatin, Pro-Bind Plus not only offers excellent binding functionalities but is also highly nutritional. It offers a very high protein content (85%), and the pepsine digestibility of gelatin is close to 100%. Also, the cost of including Pro-Bind Plus in feed formulations is much lower than that of some alternatives.

Higher quality and efficiency, lower cost, increased sustainability

With Sonac’s solutions for feed, you can count on traceability, safety and innovation. The feed solutions we offer will help you improve product quality, enhance process efficiency, reduce costs and boost your margins – while also helping you improve your sustainability performance.

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